Go, Go, Go!

by Tiffany

“I knew that I needed a bit of a change, but change takes time and effort – when you volunteer at a youth organisation (and kind of love your job), your effort doesn’t exactly go towards what you wear in the morning”

Talking about the craziness that has come and for some reason stayed.

(Quote from my guest post on the Colosoul Blog)

IMG_1811 copyWith so much constantly happening, you never know where you stand, not really. As 2016 has now hit spring for us Australians, the season where everything starts to become humid and birds attempt to attack you, I’ve quickly realised how fast this year has gone. It’s not like I haven’t done anything, I’ve done far more than I thought I would do in this time, but it’s not as though I had time to document it or to relive the moment in my head, it’s just been; go go go, Pokemon go (is that game over now? What happened?) Either way, I’ve been moving from one place to the other, going through tonnes of photographs, and setting up for the next, in this whirlwind that occurs every day. 

IMG_1723 copyWhen I was on the plane back from Melbourne, I realised that I barely even spent time creating new photographs there in the brief 4 days that I spent in a different state, rather I was working on things that were occurring back home. I feel as though I didn’t even go. I feel as though I’m in this weird time warp where time isn’t moving and things keep happening, and I just don’t remember what day it is. That sounds a little crazy, right?

As my head decides to do a crazy ass backflip for no apparent reason, leaving me feeling like everything has been turned upside down, I’ve started to realise I few things about myself.

I think that my trip to Melbourne also aided in this, at least the plane rides there and back, considering that my whole stay there was just this weird space in time. Plane time, is kind of like me time, in a weird way. Sure I’m squished next to someone else with bad food and not enough space but there’s not access to the internet, notifications or communication with the outside world. So I kind of get to put down everything for a few hours, watch Rupaul’s Drag Race and just think a little – and not in the kind of overthinking that happens in the shower or before bed where everything looks like it’s coming to an end, while your brain just has a meltdown. I’ve noticed that;

IMG_1715 copy

1) For a short while there, my whole personal style had just evaporated.

2) I had forgotten what it was like to actually take care of myself

3) I’m starting to lose track of everything, leading to me handing in one of my assignments late.

4) I need to reevaluate my priorities

5) Relationships apparently don’t exist in this weird twilight zone

6) When did denim on denim become a thing again?

I even did a guest post on Colosoul’s blog on ‘Style Philosophy’ due to how personal style is actually kind of important, and I’m kind of missing that at the moment. It’s crazy, because that first point, somehow affected everything else. When you can’t even dress to please yourself then you end up becoming a sheep and pleasing society. It’s quite superficial, I get it, and there are more important things in life than making yourself look like ‘art’ or whatever every day, but hey, when you look good you feel good, that’s just how I feel. Either way, as things get crazier, we all have to find our centre, so why not go back to where some of this began, wearing almost the exact same outfit I wore when I came in for my interview for the job that I’ve put all of my time and effort into. How insane.

Well, here’s to spring and the crazy happenings.

OUTFIT: Leather Jacket by Zara, Top by In Good Company, Jeans by H&M, Watch by Komono, Boots by ZOMP, Sunglasses by Chanel, Necklace by Tiffany & Co, Ribbon Chocker by Marc Jacobs

Location: Como the Treasury 

Photography by Neil Tiongson