Dion Lee

by Tiffany


Seeing the Australian born designer’s work right in front of my own eyes, is a strange right of passage when it comes to online bloggers/curators. So it’s kind of insane that I could to photograph these classic pieces that I was able to see right in front of my very eyes.


All over the internet I see different bloggers attend a Dion Lee show, and I would sit in the corner of my room with my laptop on my knees, staring in awe at the beauty that these bloggers were experiencing. Now all of a sudden, I’m photographing items from Dion Lee for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, later sitting in my room with my laptop on my knees in awe of what I just experienced. It’s almost a tradition within the Australian community of bloggers and fashion enthusiasts to experience Dion Lee’s clothing first hand down a runway, and once you’ve seen that, you realise that you’re actually getting somewhere, which is crazy.

Last year for opening night, I bought my own ticket, dressed up in Scanlan Theodore, rocked up with my mum and sat various rows back taking photos with my iPhone. This year I was blessed with media passes, all black attire and as many pressed juices as I could possibly carry. Now that’s the dream, isn’t it?


As the runway lit up, from blue to glistening reflections, Dion Lee’s classic silhouettes walked down the runway, worn by Chadwick’s models, who knew exactly how to rock it. Every item was as wearable as the one before it, and every girl was illuminated as the walked down the runway. Every piece screamed perfection and class, something that any and every girl would look good in, even if it wasn’t as ‘exciting’ as the other designers to come, Dion Lee has the type of classic look that’ll never go out of style.


Photography by Tiffany Kennedy (myself)
Shot at the Perth Fashion Festival
For Opening Night
Designer: Dion Lee
Shot on Nikon D3200