Oz Comic-Con | 2017

by Tiffany

ozccDSC_0093With Oz Comic-Con almost directly after Madfest, it looks like Perth is spoiling us with conventions, which has been a great start to the year. So, I dressed in my cosplay for the event – I decided on Mavis Vermilion for yet another convention – and headed towards the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

ozccDSC_0187Upon entering the event I noticed a few changes, as the ticketing area was no longer in its usual place upstairs, but rather towards the entrance for easier access. There were amazing booths as per usual, which were doing lovely deals in order to help everyone out with their cosplay needs or even just hunger needs. I think the booth that amazed me the most was the tattooing one. Electric Tattoo (a Morley located tattoo studio) had set up a booth with flash tattoos of our favourite pop culture symbols or icons to be tattooed. I have no idea why I went into a bit of a shock upon seeing this – perhaps it was because I like to be prepared for everything I want to purchase, I really try to think it over – but I definitely wanted to go and get a tattoo so badly. They had a flash tattoo of something I already wanted, and it would’ve been so much cheaper to just get it done there, perhaps next time. I definitely think that was a good call for everyone involved. Apart from our favourite booths that sold wigs and every piece of merchandise imaginable, we experienced a type of DDR set up where people picked songs and danced, which was amazing to see with everyone in costume. There was also a Guardians of the Galaxy dance station which was pretty snazzy I might add.


ozccDSC_0189We were able to try out some Nintendo Switch games at the event, which was definitely a highlight. I thought it’d be a while before I got my hands on one of those but it was amazing testing out the Mario Kart game on this new console, as well as the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. Even though it was a short Zelda demo, it really made me miss Zelda. Good marketing ploy guys, I think you got just about everyone there. I think the funniest and greatest things was the anime station that played anime episodes for people to check out. So of course, as a Mavis Vermilion cosplayer, I sat dead centre when they played the first episode of Fairy Tail Zero. We were also accompanied by the lovely Gray and Juvia couple who sat near us and the children watching who would occasionally look at the screen then back at me. Ah, the joy of Fairy Tail.

ozccDSC_0086And of course, the cosplayers were amazing as per usual. I think we all know that I, of course, went to film the Yuri On Ice / Sports Cosplay group in their lovely costumes, and things got a little interesting when the shoot moved onto the pocky game, and well if you know Yuri On Ice then you know what probably happened next. It was definitely an eventful day.

Ah Oz Comic Con, you woo us each year.

(Though it’d be nice for Jason Momoa to come back.)

Photography by Tiffany Kennedy (myself)
Shot at Oz Comic-Con
Shot on Nikon D3200