Velvety Vastness

by Tiffany


V is for, ah, Very darn cool?

(Add a diddly and I’ll sound like Ned Flanders)

A while back I got an opportunity to do a bit of a shoot using sustainable products. Sadly things happen, problems occur and then photos seem to become unusable when a collection has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take on an opportunity to talk about something that’s important. Velvety is a brand that sells sustainable accessories, shirts, toothbrushes, makeup and more.

And I’m completely obsessed.

At the time when I was shooting these products I hadn’t done much research on sustainable clothes, or accessories, and I didn’t realise how much of an impact these items have on the environment. I was pretty naive and oblivious, thinking that places like H&M really can recycle my materials, but in actual fact, it’s pretty darn difficult and takes more time than they’d like to admit or we’d try to find out. So after watching a decent amount of documentaries and doing my research on this subject (which totally didn’t include doing tons of research on Emma Watson and what she wears) I realised that out of all the items people photograph that is later forgotten about before publishing, this was something that needed to find the light.


v3Every day someone’s throwing out something, and every day someone’s buying something new. Which is completely fine, but how much are we throwing out and how much are we buying? There are so many fast fashion companies out there that practically have 52 seasons instead of 4, or even the classic 2, and that means that there is a new trend every week. How are we really supposed to keep up with that? Even in TV shows such as our classic favourite Gossip Girl, a character states that “I never wear the same outfit twice, mummy taught me well” yeah well that’s great and all but you know there are things called washing machines. We know that wearing 365 (or 366) different items in a year is beyond ridiculous, and we know that that’s definitely causing harm to the environment, but there are also times where even I buy an item of clothing and feel as though it doesn’t really suit me. Then if you’ve wasted money and you have to chuck it away, which sucks for not just you but the environment, and practically everyone else involved in this transaction. Don’t forget the people that make your clothes. Maybe we should all be looking into that? The documentary True Cost shows how terrible those sweatshops really can be and if you take a read of the posts on’s features section, there’s more to what we buy than what we see.


v6Australian brand Velvety highlights some amazing items of clothing and some incredible accessories made from upcycled fabric and organic materials. Such as their shirts that are made out of organic cotton. Okay, so no you don’t necessarily have to go out there and buy accessories made out of seatbelt (though Velvety does that incredibly well), but be mindful of the materials your clothes are made out of. Shopping from a brand such as Velvety makes everything so much easier because I don’t have to worry so much about what’s going to happen to my clothing. Organic materials can be broken down easier if you chuck them out, they feel so much better, and they aren’t made using fossil fuels. Velvety also ensures that you know where your clothing is coming from. I’m one of those people that kind of just wants to know because it seems a bit weird when you’ve got no clue who’s made your clothes or where they were made. Shopping sustainably doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort or fashion.

And besides, the prices at Velvety aren’t half bad.

Photography by Tiffany Kennedy (myself)
Models: Amy King & Alisha Hudson.
Special Thanks to Amber Hurst.
Brand: Velvety.
Shot on Nikon D3200