The Mantra

by Tiffany

Then we thought f*ck that”

When you’re half way through the year, and still have no idea what’s going on, you binge watch TV shows and turn to the internet for solace. So insert that fashion blogger with their perfect lives, their perfect outfits, and damn that perfect outfit. Yeah,

Yeah, Nah, not happening.

Bring me an outfit in all black and a f*ck it type of attitude.


While binge watching That 70’s Show, gave me a strange sense of achievement, as I was able to complete all eight seasons on Netflix, I realised that we’ve reached the half way mark of 2017, and perhaps I haven’t achieved all that I set out to this year. Sure this year has been much different from last year and what I have achieved has significantly differed from what I had achieved last year, but I always want to strive for me. It’s kind of ridiculously really. Last year I was all over the place, and I think that I quite liked that feeling. Being busy keeps me motivated to do more, I prefer being busy, perhaps that’s what it means to be a workaholic or something of the kind. The more I do the better I feel, but when I know I’m not doing something on a Sunday or something like that, then I don’t want to schedule anything at all on that day. It always seems like it’s all or nothing.

DSC_0132In reality that’s difficult. I was hoping this year I’d be able to slow things down to keep a good pace and just work on things properly, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I reverted back to the all or nothing state, with doing essays all in one day, planning things last minute and go in guns blazing. I think a lot of us share that same mentality.

And while last year I may have been pushing fashion more, this year I seem to be surrounded by pop culture. But don’t worry, fashion’s still on the horizon.



With my good friend Neil (@extremelyneil) and a pair of cameras, we set off on an adventure to try and imitate those popular bloggers that you see on the internet with all their social media followers. Then we thought f*ck that and went with the cool flow of silhouettes that we tend to maintain in at least some of our blog posts, or at least we attempt to. We went where the light guided us, which is a hot tip for photographers, and captured our outfits of the day. Now, this whole paragraph sounds incredibly cliche, which it totally is, but you’ve got to think of something when trying to capture an outfit?


DSC_0064And with all black being the mantra of my every day, I had to think of something to say about that.

OUTFIT: Top by Cue Clothing*, Pants by Morrison, Ribbon Choker by Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses by Chanel*, Shoes by Zomp*, Acceptance Ring by Air BnB.

Photography by Neil Tiongson

Shot on Nikon D3200

{* : Items aren’t made of eco-friendly materials, or sustainably}