The Subtle Armageddon

by Tiffany


An update on slightly cynical thoughts and where I’m at now (kind of?)

The post-apocalyptic; a universe that’s often used in the hundreds of thousands of YA novels thrown upon us every year. Though we could really be heading into an apocalyptic world in the not so distant future if you’re as cynical as I am and think we will lead ourselves to self-destruction. But anyway, probably not the best way to start a blog post, but what you gotta say what you think, right? How off topic.

As I sit here on a plane heading to Tokyo-Narita, I’ve found the images I wanted to use for a blog post but never did, the theme boarded on the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic world. Hence the opening. It’s a theme, (is it a theme?) or associated location, that is used so often, it’s starting to make its way into fashion. Though I would argue that this type of look has been further emphasised before in versions of steam punk goths, or cyber goths that take it to the extreme, now it’s slowly starting to enter the mainstream, at least in the blogging sphere I’m a part of. Of course, I didn’t even consider how far to push the boundaries until after these images were taken and I started to look back on the shoot itself. I’ve seen amazing bloggers/artists/creators such as plaaastic pull off these amazing shots that circle around this world of fashion and politics. Bloggers have always been here to say something, but things are continuing to shift, so much so that you can barely call some of these bloggers, bloggers anymore. Instead, everyone has become an artist or a creator in their own right, everyone has something to say and the generation that’s moving forward is the one that’s pushing boundaries. It makes me reconsider where I want to go with the images a portray. As a photographer myself I want to push boundaries and create something interesting, something with meaning, something with beauty, something worth looking at, but sometimes we all fall into the rut of the same old thing. I guess this is me trying to step out a tiny bit? I’m not sure it’s working. What am I even trying to say here?

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 7.23.32 PM


I guess it’s a work in progress.

Now I know this is the second train of thought through this post but as we head closer to Tokyo, two-thirds of our flight from Gold Coast, Australia, done, it still hasn’t quite hit me that I’m going to be in a completely foreign country to me, on my own, no family to take care of me. I’m the one that’s in charge here. Luckily I was able to bring along two friends for the trip, but it’s all a new experience. That’s definitely something I should write about. Now with an assignment due just after I land, and photo shoots to plan out, I’ll bid you adieu.

Okay, seriously, who ends a post like that?


Photographed by Neil Tiongson (extremelyneil)

Wearing: Anti-social social club shirt, Nudie Jeans co, Zomp shoes*, Tiffany & Co necklace, hat unknown, Nude Lucy Dress,

*not sustainable/not made out of organic materials

Watch the Youtube video here!