Madfest | 2017

by Tiffany

In which Madman spoils everyone in Perth with their own Anime Festival.

Featuring, Angie (cosplayer), The Yuri On Ice crew, and the epicness of Madfest.

madmanfest - angie 1logo

madmanDSC_0222logoEvery anime fan in Perth was absolutely spoilt when Madfest rolled into town. Compared to the usual Oz Comic Con, or Supanova, this was a whole different world, because it was purely anime fandom. Bringing us the goods, Madman invited some insane voice actors, Crispin Freeman, the voice behind Itachi (Naruto), and Alucard (Hellsing), as well as Erica Mendez, the voice of Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill), and Nico Yazawa (Love Live! School Idol Project). Not only that but cosplay stars Knitemaya and Angie, cause a riot among fans as they displayed their epic cosplays during the event. But enough about the epic guests, the stalls were terrific, with Madman hosting their own stall which included DVDs galore, as well as the housing of every manga you could possibly want. There was a stall purely dedicated to Japanese candy, and there were also exhibitions of the art behind shows such as Tokyo Ghoul and Sword Art Online (the main anime of the event). There was also a One Punch Man exhibition set up, where you could find out how hard you punched and took a quiz to see if you were the number one, One Punch Man fan. And of course, every other stall in the area held lovely keepers and amazing items.


The number one draw for fans was the exhibitions that were on display and the Sword Art Online film screening, which gave easy and early access to fans in Perth. But even though that was what drawer most people in, everyone stayed for the community and fans they found with them. It’s amazing how many like-minded people can come together in one place because they are all fans of the same (or similar) thing! As I dressed up in my Mavis Vermilion cosplay for the first day, I was stopped a variety of times by lovely people who watch Fairy Tail, and that alone made me want to keep coming back for more. Even if people didn’t want a photo, they would still whisper ‘Mavis Vermilion’ or ‘First Master’ or just have a casual conversation with me about the show, which was quite lovely, and always is. By displaying one of my favourite characters on myself, I was a beacon for like-minded people on the day, which is probably why I like to cosplay at these events. There was even an adorable girl who came up to me, telling me she took a photo with me on the first day of Madfest, then proceeded to tell me about all of the lollies she got and her blue tongue, before her mother hilariously interrupted saying “you better be showing respect, that’s the first master” followed by the girl’s father who said “I like your costume by the way”. Conversations such as this don’t happen every day, and that’s what makes events such as Madfest special. It’s a safe community for all anime fans to just have fun.


This was further justified on the second day of the event where I got right into photographer/videographer mode and was counting for something interesting, and I think I got more than I asked for. While filming Angie’s booth for my video, I quickly became friends with the volunteers who were working there (and you’d never guess that we’d have so many things in common, like going to the same university). We became a squad of our own which made Madfest even more exciting. I’m telling you, the volunteers at this event were just the best. Before long we were tagging along with Angie as she decided to roam around the exhibition floor, just checking out what was going on. The photoshoot done by Vestiige Productions was another thing we got to be apart of. Teaming up with my new crew and seeing my photography buddies do this shoot was quite surreal in a way because it meant that different worlds collided due to us all having this same interest. We had done our own little shoot before the real one, and it was fun seeing how Angie worked in action. We then got to experience another shoot for the day in Angie’s dressing room, before I scurried off to explore more of Madfest.

Through Knitemaya’s photo booth, it was fun to see how different people reacted to him, as they all posed in similar ways based off of his instagram account, and everyone was really having fun. Madfest spoilt me by allowing me to be able to spend the day with Angie and film so many photo shoots, that I was hungry for more, though the day was almost over and I had already missed Knitemaya’s shoot in favour of Angie’s photobooth. Following the Photo Booth, we all headed backstage, as the cosplay guests prepared to go out and judge the cosplays in the parade.


madmanDSC_0219logoI never really intend to do an exact recount of events, but I seem to have rambled on here. Madman really spoilt me with this anime festival, I wasn’t sure how to talk about it (hence the late post), as all I could do was look at it all in awe. I really wasn’t expecting this, and it’s really raised my expectations. I’m so hungry for more.

Madman why do you spoil me so?

Photography by Tiffany Kennedy (myself)
Shot at Madman’s Madfest (Anime Festival)
Shot on Nikon D3200